I remember when I got a set of matching silverware.
I thought I was so fancy.
Mindy is a dear friend, here she is with her husband and my daughter. Their daughter Kelly thought that my Afghan friend Anisa should have beautiful silverware.
It brought tears to my eyes.
To think of all the little details in a home that make it lovely, welcoming and joyful to those who live in it.
I get the impression that my friend had a very comfortable life in Afghanistan compared to many. Her husband had a good job, he seems very respectful of her and brags about her cooking. Then we abandoned Afghanistan and they had to flee with only the clothes on their back.
What a joy to see her accept the silverware, to do this little nod of gratitude it looks somewhat a prayer to me. I’ve decided it is, to Allah, thanking God for his bounty.
With all that’s been going on in my house I had to squeeze the time to take items I’d collected to them, I explained what was happening. Tears for my son teetering in the edge, and this beautiful moment where they understood and we were united as parents. United in understanding that no matter where we live, what our circumstances, the age of our kids, we are always parents.
We communicate through a translation app. I am keeping this message forever.