I’m still in the afterglow of getting to work on the #Bookofmormonvideos, it is my favorite book.


A book that once I started to read it at fifteen changed the trajectory of my life and has helped me find the non-negotiable foundations of which I’ve built every facet of who I am today.


I’d only really ever read scriptures at church. Scripture reading was rare in our home and when it happened it was used to illuminate what was wrong with us and our obedience.


Beginning to read on my own daily at the urging of Rita DeBry and a church seminary teacher Brother Bodily, I discovered that the voice of shame I had associated with scriptures had nothing to do with God but everything to with He Who is Poopy, aka Satan. In the scriptures I learned what God’s voice felt like, and was able to determine the difference from the voice of darkness and the voice of truth.


Another joy at working on this was to be apart of a team. The last makeup team I was apart of, I was told I had to pretend to be friends with people who had been not only unkind to me but had, for example, fat shamed my Ailsa who was then twelve. I am unable to pretend friendship for the sake of earning money. I’ve worked very hard on myself to weed out any false pretense. Being told I had to pretend anything broke my heart, I stepped away from that team.


I just spent three intense days working with these women and was apart of a bigger team of Hair and Makeup and not one moment of stickiness. Not one mean word only support, kindness and total cheering me on as I dove in up to my elbows into something I have never done before. I received more compliments about my skills and talent than I’ve perhaps ever had in such a concentrated period of time.


To me, it wasn’t just a team, it was a sisterhood and that is a slice of heaven to be so quickly and fully embraced.

#Sisterhood #Community #Sincerity