I got to serve in the nursery at church. My hubby and a few others have voiced concern at my being in nursery just after my foot surgery. However, handicapped people do their life from a wheelchair, and having been handicapped myself for a year, I’ve decided that I’m just literally going to roll through my life in this little stint of being back in the chair.


So I went to nursery as usual.


The kids saw my arms. I reached out to them with a tad bit hesitation. However, with some assurance that I was okay, it was like the chair wasn’t there. I got the hugs and fists bumps like I normally would.


Except for the chair barricade my co-leader Sandy Page thoughtfully put up.


This little guy, has a sister with ongoing health issues with Cystic Fibrosis. I’m sure he has seen kids in wheelchairs before. He wouldn’t leave my lap, so I asked him “Do you want to play with the cars? The train?” Nope, he would lean in to me.


It occurred to me that as he watched others move around me, in his way, he was protecting me, not leaving me alone.


He was literally sitting with me.


It hit my heart, the goodness, the purity of Children’s empathy. The thing I hate about being in a chair is how the chair is seen before you are, so you can get left behind in a chair. But for this sweet little friend, he made sure I wasn’t alone.


Only bubble time had enough allure to draw him away, but even then he kept looking over at me.


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