This is my “I rocked it” face!


I just finished speaking to a group of young women, we went deep. We laughed, we cried, and above all hearts were expanded.


The little girl in me that was afraid to stand in front of peers, that was called an attention whore by my family, who was made fun of for not having teeth and throughly believed I had no worth— all of that hurt, mess and despair I felt, has been turned into my hero’s journey.


My life is due to what God has made possible, my story is proof that God is a God of not only miracles but also silently, lovingly taking us in, teaching us, and making all of it for our growth.


Every time I get to share the principles I have the honor of teaching, the little girl in me does a happy dance. Getting to have an impact on others is a sacred gift. Each time, I am thankful, all the poop was sooooo worth it, to have nights like tonight!


And I got a really good homemade cookie. 🍪


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