I am so not musical.


I don’t know how to read notes.


I joke that God sent me on a sign language mission because I’m so not musical.


In my desire to give my kids more, they both were in piano lessons – Nathaniel was in guitar too.


They were in choir and both sing beautifully.




But that was not from me, it was from school classes, people we paid, and valuably people like Jaime who is in our congregation.


Ailsa and other youth were assigned or called to lead the music for our church meetings.


Ailsa though more musical than I, she didn’t know how to lead music.


Jaime assured her she would be there to help her.


And each week Jaime is there helping the youth who is conducting, sitting in the pew helping and coaching them through.


Unassumingly with no attention on her she has given my daughter and others a new skill.


I didn’t snap the picture where you can see her hand “conducting” for Ailsa to follow, but that’s what’s happening here.
I still am not sure if you should take pictures in church … but I do 😀


How many things have my children learned over the years that I was not well suited to teach them?


How many lessons were reinforced by those around us?



It is literally beyond price the gift that our community has given our children, and us… just another reason I’m thankful for Sunday and the opportunity to sit beside people like Jaime who have taken the time to teach and love my kids.