This hangs on the wall of my friend Christine Hosea Young’s home.


It’s beautiful, yes. It reminds you, if you didn’t remember, that Christine has lived in the Middle East as a travelling nurse. She took the opportunity to immerse herself in the rich cultures of the area.


What I love about it most is what she told me about it. It depicts the mother creator God in Egyptian religion welcoming the souls of the dead and holding them in her safety, her embrace as they process and heal from the pain of earth life.


This fits with what I believe about motherhood, and my Heavenly Mother. After a hard day, being able to tell your mom about, it does soothe the soul. Having your mom hear you, feel with you, well — isn’t that just a slice of heaven? I think so. I like to think I’ve given my kids enough tastes of that feeling, that our home will always feel like a safe and wonderful place to return to. Especially as one has left and the other is preparing too.


I like to think that our Heavenly Mother is likewise that comfort we feel in our sadness that just holds us in her embrace. Comforting. Wishing to take away our pain. I know both our Heavenly Parents love us and each help us, not one less than the other, just in a different way.


I think what I like even more is that when we die we are able to sit with her and tell her everything and she hears us and helps us arrange the painful bits we couldn’t quite manage into a purposeful masterpiece of understanding.


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