I believe in the law of the harvest. You reap what you sow.

God always wants to help you, but doesn’t force His help. He gives us a choice.

The work of gaining strength is well…work. It’s a balance between self abuse and motivation to get beyond what keeps us comfortable.

I’m finding myself accepting stillness more in my recovery, as a necessary step. I am reminded of other times that I had to be still. It’s both comforting and disturbing to be reminded of times of when I couldn’t walk, was in a wheelchair, or in extreme pain. It is comforting because what I’m dealing with now isn’t anything as bad as that. It is disturbing, in that with the “practice” I’ve had, I’m still not better at being STILL.

Then I think of my mom. My sweet mother who has Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and Osteoporosis, has such an amazing attitude. She had to be still. Her body decides certain limitations, yet her personality- her attitude, doesn’t see her limitations. I’ve seen her grow and become more even has her body is being poopy.

She is fond of saying “Recovery is mostly between our ears.”

We throw out seeds and expect the harvest we want to come; yet, we are handed seeds and when we plant them, we just very may be planting the seeds of patience. Those seeds were given to us, to nourish and to reap. Not all of them may be the seeds we would choose, but each them make our garden complete.