I haven’t shared information here about my podcast, so that is what I am doing today!

What is Hotness, anyway?! Click this link for an overview of what my series is all about:


If you would like to start at the beginning, that would be back in March of 2021 with my dear friend Tina Jones. Tina is a person who has thrived since coming out of a world of sexual abuse. She’s a survivor, yes; but her story truly begins where her abuse ends.

Tina has 3 children; two of whom she parented and one who she chose to place for adoption at birth. He has been in her life since he was 18.

She grew up in Bend Oregon and moved to Utah 6 years ago with her husband (not the father of her children) when he took a job promotion. When he got the call to move to Salt Lake City, she sold my residential cleaning business. Now she teaches compassion skills to those who desire to heal personal trauma and end the cycle of abuse in their families. She also teaches business and marketing skills for entrepreneurs.

Tina has a formula for trauma healing that I think you’ll find interesting. Actually, I think you’ll find this entire conversation interesting! 🙂 Enjoy!