For years after my speeches and presentations for kids, parents will say, “I wish my older kid was here,” or “Will you be coming again?”


Cities, schools, even families have hired me repeatedly to come in and teach the content on maturation, physical safety, and confidence.


Now, for those of you asking, finally I am offering this content to you!


I have a partnership with a venue that allows me to offer it very cheaply. It is my goal that every parent who wants my approach of humor, clarity and good ole’ fashioned values can bring their kid to learn about their bodies and you can learn how to instill both confidence and communication with your child on what are often viewed as “sensitive” topics.


Dates are being solidified, so if you want more info on these workshops or the others I have been offering, let me know.


❇️ Maturation for girls 7-12 year old girls

❇️ How to talk with your 3-6 year old about their bodies, just for parents.

❇️ Workshop with parent/s and girls 7-12 yrs old about their bodies/ safety/ feelings

❇️ How to manage your sexual feelings, body safely 13-17 parent/s and teens

Gauging interest in putting together similar programs for boys, will be presenting with a man whose done these kinds of programs.

❇️ Confidence for teens

❇️ How to write a book $100

❇️ How to structure your business offers/ how to sell/ receiving money/ balancing business and motherhood $150

❇️ Image/ how to dress/ coloring/ physical and mindset approach to what others see $75


My most expensive workshop is $150, the kid programs. Thanks to Zander Real Estate Team, it will now be $40.
1 kid and parents $40
2 kids and parents $80
3 kids $100, 5 kids still $100


Let me know what you’d like more info on the zoom classes!

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