Excited to announce…
Drumroll please…..
Nathaniel, my awesome, charismatic, kind, hard working, and not too bad looking, son has been signed with Scene One Talent agency!!

Nathaniel has wanted to modeling and acting for at least five years BUT as a makeup artist whose been on sets, and even worked with an agency as an instructor, I got to see the false side of the industry first hand. Why would I want my kid to be rejected because he was an Mango and they wanted an Orange? Well, the truth is every industry has its rotten apples.
Nathaniel has character, he loves God, his family, he is kind to others. Why hold him back from something he can do?
Scene 1 Talent isn’t the biggest agency in Utah, but they are supportive to Nathaniel in his other goals, like being Senior Service Officer at his school, serving a mission for our church, and college after that.
It’s exciting and hard to see my son spread his wings and see just how far he can spread them… because I want to keep him safe in the nest of our home.
So now I’m watching him take flight.
Proud of you son. ❤️