I am thankful today.
That’s what it’s all about!
What are you thankful for?

My list (though never complete):
❤️Thankful for my husband. Nathan Greene. He is the best man I’ve ever known. He still surprises me at his depth.
❤️ My son, Nathaniel, he is everything I wasn’t at his age, confident, aware and talented. So proud to be his mom.
❤️ My Ailsa, she is pretty much the perfect girl. Tough, loving, smart, aware of her beauty with no need to flaunt it.
❤️ Our angel Katelynn who brought us to a sure knowledge of our Savior.
❤️ I am thankful for my friends that see us as family and family that treats us as friends.
❤️ My abundant comforts. I am aware that so many of Gods children didn’t wake up warm and rested looking forward to a day food and loved ones. #beyondblessed
❤️ Thankful for my team the Hotties the blessing they are to my family and the example they are to my children.
❤️ I can walk. 8 years ago I couldn’t. Everyday I wake up thankful that my life is a mobile one.
❤️ I am, above all, thankful for my relationship with God, who has guided me to all the good things in my life. Who has held me through all the dark times and continues to strengthen me and make me over to His purpose.