I was reflecting on the time I spoke to a group of girls with an average age of eight years old. Presenting to kids is completely different than adults, adults will kindly pretend to give you attention, kids never will patronize you. They’ll slide to the floor in abject boredom if you don’t captivate their attention.
Working to teach simple principles the first being the power of our choices. Using body humor to role model what being grumpy looks like and whining into the mic the kids laughed and then asked what does grumpy it feel like? What does anger feel like? One girl said something so profound I had to share it with you. In response to what does angry feel like, ”its only thinking about myself and no one else.”

Boom. Out of the mouth of babes!

That’s anger. That’s what it’s doing to us pulling us into a self-focused perspective. The truth is none of us impact only ourselves every choice has consequences, impact and influence.

Recently the choices of another reminded me that each of us have potential to enrich others or to take. We have the potential to smile or to frown. We have potential to do a million good things but what we DO is what defines us. The key to becoming an influencer for good is a simple as thinking about others more than ourselves.