“Sometimes I joke about what I’d do if I had one day left to live. Eat junk, go crazy, etc. Today, it hit me: Jesus knew, and he washed feet.”

With all going on in our world, it seems like every time I hear the news, something else super 💩-y is happening. It’s the downside of our connected world. Back in the day, they didn’t know the bad harvest was because of a volcano on the other side of world.
We just didn’t know. 🤷‍♀️

I’ve been asking myself if it’s good or bad to know. Is ignorance really bliss? No, ignorance isn’t bliss. Truth tends to smack you hard when you don’t see it coming.

I’ve decided it is good to know what’s happening, because even while I can’t solve the problems, I can pray.
I can send kind words.
I can grow in understanding.
I can NOT be part of the problem.
I can be thankful I have food, shelter.
I can share what I have with others.
I can learn how to be better.
I can seek positive media.
I can be kind to others.
I can serve.
I can love.

I choose to focus on what I can do.