I’m literally stunned.

10 years ago I was told by God what I was to do.
I didn’t want to.
It seemed impossible because:
1) I walked with a cane
2) Had just buried a child
3) Who was I to think I could?

Well after what I had just been through.. I clearly was capable of more than I thought. I spent 2009 in recovery and physical therapy and 2010 I started taking my little mommy business that had put my husband through law school and got to work. At the end of 2011 I was the number 2 recruiter in the company and the 5th best in personal sales. My team has gone up every year.
This year we are up 60% over last.
That first year was brutal.
It was hard.
I cried, ugly tears got puffy eyes, wiped my tears and applied eye cream and moved on. People told me I couldn’t be successful if I didn’t buy their programs. That I had to choose between speaking and makeup! I was judged as shallow for focusing so much on my silly vain makeup business, butt of jokes from some family. Told I had no talent to write a book? And who would hire me to speak?

Well I did expos to met people taking my kids with their books/ toys and DS under the table while I did demos of makeup.
I made calls everyday.
Created systems to hold me accountable. Each year my earnings grew my confidence leapt forward not because of the money but because I was doing what I was made to do. To show my children that after tragedy you can walk again you can smile and bring joy to others. I became Hotness.
My self published book is a best seller!
100’s of groups have had me in to speak and that little makeup business people mocked me for doing well it’s on track to do half a million by April.
So to answer the question
Who was I?
I’m just a girl who adjusted her crown (her thoughts) and moved forward because I’m a mom. I couldn’t let my kids see me quit. Those home with God or the two in my home.
I’m showing my kids I can do anything in the world and they are my first priority. They along with their dad are my WHY.

So the question is…
Who are you?
And what are you really capable of?