Typically on this page I share with you the amazing people I get to meet when out and about, and though I will still share those with you, in a world of social distancing we are all not out and about as much as we were.

As I have been deeply involved in raising money and supplies for the Navajo Nation that has been hit hard by COVID 19, and particularly for Jeddito Arizona, I want to share with you (with permission) those that have stepped in to help me. What I have been able to do is only possible through the collaboration of others. We all do what we can, and that adds up together to be a lot. The why we are wanting to help is often not shared. I am excited for this series of givers that I get to share with you, so.. enjoy!
“Our donation is in the name of our angel baby, Rachel Ann, who was born 3 1/2 months premature, and died at 15 1/2 months when her little heart and lungs finally gave out. She is safely back in Heaven and ministering to her family on both sides of the veil. We are grateful for our blessings and wanted to share with those in need of caring and support.”

The mother of Rachel Ann chose to be anonymous, and I honor that and thank her for sharing her angel baby with us. I too have a child in heaven, I know the power of grief that never ends and the responsibility and peace that comes from mothering an angel.

“Hi my name is Sadie Carter
I have been through hard times in my life and I have also been through incredibly blessed times. In those hard times, my family made it through by the generosity of others. The impact it made on our lives was immeasurable. Now, in my life, to be able to pass that generosity onto those who are in need, means more to me than anything. Because I know how it feels to be on the receiving end. If I can help even just one person, even in a small way, I feel I have done some good in the world. And the world needs a little good right now. If you have the voice or the ability to help others… use it. It’s a beautiful thing ❤️”

Having a son with special needs and dealing with anxiety and depression myself, I am passionate about helping others who are dealing with special needs or mental health issues. When we started this journey of special needs, we ran into so many brick walls. I swore I would turn around and help those behind me. This has led me to blog about my experiences with mental health, special needs, parenting, and walking in faith. You can find me at www.anordinarymom.site or An Ordinary Mom by Calleen Petersen

**IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP, please go to: https://jeddito.letagreene.com/