“I have never really given much thought about why I like helping others; it’s just a part of me that enjoys seeing others smile or have happy tears.
When I was young I remember my Dad teaching us that everyone needs something or someone. I idolized him so much, I set out to make sure HE was never in need.
I love living the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and a big part of what He taught was to serve and love and do for others. It’s just always been a part of me.”- Karen Rich

“I’m a Texas mom of 8 children and I love showing my children how to show the love of Jesus through giving.” -Anonymous

“This is me and my husband on our last anniversary, twelve years. He and I are both high risk for COVID-19. We have two 3rd grade boys, five months apart. The older of the two we adopted two years ago. He has already lost one set of parents in his young life. When the pandemic hit, I was scared and anxious. I’ve found that when my life is hard, it’s much easier to walk the stony road when my sites are set on helping to clear someone else’s path. So I started making masks for medical professionals. That project grew to incorporate requests from Utah, Alaska, Florida and Texas, over 1700 masks in all, and countless people jumping in to help me, including Leta Greene. As that project was winding down, Jeddito popped up in my Facebook feed with an immediate need. Getting involved was hectic and exciting and peace-bringing. It settled my anxious soul. These things plant my feet in the sod of happiness. And watching many good people come together for the sake of others, when the opposite is what is constantly thrown in our faces, reflects how much goodness there really is in this world.” -Stephanie Wardrop