“I am grateful for the opportunity to help others who need assistance. As a cancer survivor, I was the recipient of lots of help and generosity during my treatments and subsequent surgeries. I do what I can to pay it forward and have faith that others will do the same.” -Rebekah Bernier

“Working in the Healthcare Industry, I enjoy a profession that I know is helping people. My work is one area where I can help people be cured, treated, diagnosed. It’s also important to extend that assistance in other areas as well. I feel it’s important to help those that don’t have as much as I have or been fortunate. Especially during this Covid-19 time I have been extremely fortunate to maintain my employment and also had the ability to work remotely which allowed me to spend time with my husband during his treatment. We never know when life is going to throw extra challenges, so if I can help in any way possible, any amount I will try.” -Laurie Santin

“Helping others is in my DNA, I think. My parents always looked out for their neighbors, frequently sacrificing their time or other resources to help and lift another. What I’ve learned? Hmm. I’ve learned that when I give to others I have less:
Less worries
Less sorrow
Less self-pity
Less judgment (for myself and others.)

I also have more:
More humility
More charity
More satisfaction in “everyday” things
More grace to give myself and others
More time to relax and appreciate the bounteous goodness I sometimes forget to notice around me.” -Jillyn Peterson