“I am the Chairman of the SLC office Holland & Hart Foundation. H&H is a regional law firm with 13 offices in the US. I’ve spent 13 years organizing charitable outings and service projects for our office. I knew how hard what you were undertaking would be. I’m always glad to help causes and Native Americans are at the top of my list. I’m a grandma, dog lover, and enjoy gardening.
“Plant flowers in others’ gardens and your life becomes a bouquet.”” -Barbara Thurgood

“I loved sharing because my husbands name is Jed haha. Jk. Sharing is just fun!” -Misti Stevenson

“I help others because I can. God gave me a giving heart, eyes to see need, and ears to hear with, and occasionally physical means to be able to share. I have experienced many needs myself that were bypassed by others with the physical qualities of a heart, eyes and ears, and I refuse to be one of those. My quilts go to whomever the Spirit directs them to go to, my food goes into hungry bellys, and if you come help me fix my flat tire and I see you have holes in your shoes, I’ll pay you whatever I can extra so you can help yourself too…It gives me a feeling of worth to lift others, no matter how I am able to do it….and if I see you trying to go beyond your self to help others, I will really try to help you too!!!” -Diane Dibble