“I give because I am blessed beyond measure. We all need a helping hand sometimes and God gives us a heart of compassion for a reason. I have learned over the years that there is more joy in giving than in getting (and trust me I love presents because that is one of my Love Languages). When it comes to Jeddito specifically I was made aware of a need for water, and that touched my heart so deeply because every living thing needs water! I am a water fanatic and I couldn’t imagine the people without water! It’s kinda like this “ Jesus is the Living Water” and when giving water we may be giving them a glimpse of Jesus too.” -Jeri Taylor-Swade

Devin also helped with our fundraiser! Thank you for helping with our Jeddito project, Devin. Here is his website if anyone would like to check it out: http://devinthorpe.com -Devin Thorpe