“Why do I help? I believe we rise by lifting others…. in the past I’ve had people help me, now I’m in a position to help others. It’s so easy, a small amount of time or money can have huge impact when someone is in need. Plus you feel so dang good when do help!” -Cathi Hughes

“I learned that helping people was required when I was probably 2. Charity was a big thing in my Jewish family and I was taught that a certain amount of my income should be given away. I got hooked on it. I have so much and there’s not a thing I could buy that would make me happier. If I can make someone else’s day just a little better that is a good thing.” -Ellen Musinsky

“Being Jewish we’re raised to do mitzvahs- a “commandment”. It refers to a moral deed performed within a religious duty. Almost like a religious oath we take when we have our Bar/Bat Mitzvah. I try to give when I can whether financially or non-financially because I believe in karma and what comes around goes around and if I ever needed anything I’d hope someone could help me. We’re all in this together and the more love we can spread, the happier this world can be. ❤” -Sarah Benjamin