Maturation for Teen Girls

Every kid goes to the school maturation program and they dread it. For my own daughter’s program, I too did my mom duty and went with her, after all, mortification is so much better if you’re with your mom, right?

Admittedly I was so bored I started playing a game on my phone. Soon my daughter is begging for my phone to play a game too. She also said, “mom you should be up there this lady is so boring!” I replied to my daughter that I do not speak on maturation. About two weeks later a speaker friend of mine asked me to do the girl side of a maturation program he would be teaching the boys. As I put the two events together I thought why not do it? After all one of my favorite topics is healthy body image. It shouldn’t be traumatic and my daughter would think I was cool for taking on the topic. And if you can speak to 5th-grade girls on a subject they would rather poke their eyes out with a hot sear that listen to you… you might be a good speaker.

I took it on as a professional challenge.

After study and prep I delivered my first program, the girls laughed, parents cheered and schools keep bringing me back year after year. I loved teaching these girls about their bodies in a fun non-trauma inducing way now several schools have me in each year.

Being a girl is awesome and the maturation program should be too!