A Miracle at Costco

Yesterday at Costco I was hungry. I hadn’t eaten lunch, my errands had taken longer than I wanted. Then I ran into a friend we chatted, she [...]

My Spiritual Gifts

We were talking about spiritual gifts today, and asked what are yours?   When I was young I would have struggled to answer that question because then [...]

Mom Wanna Brag 😍😁🥰

Warning!!! Mom brag and severe cuteness ahead!   We are playing hard, soaking up the last days before school starts. Today while having lunch Ailsa got an [...]

A ‘Church Home’ Everywhere I Go

Today I'm in California, so I'm not with my home congregation for my Sunday worship. The speakers I don't know. I only know my friend and her [...]


So I just moved her in. I’m all sweaty. It was on the third floor. It was raining so I could make some sad statement about how [...]

The Big Softies BACA Bikers

I saw some bikers. Looking closer I saw they were BACA bikers!! ❤️ BACA stands for Bikers Against Child Abuse, they do awesome work and are a [...]

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