The Embrace of Sisterhood

  I'm still in the afterglow of getting to work on the #Bookofmormonvideos, it is my favorite book.   A book that once I started to read [...]

What Parenting Means

  I heard it said this way from a friend who heard it online, its resonated and connected so deeply it's a triggering truth now.   As [...]

The Gift of the Present

  When my kids were small, I had this recurring dream.   In my dream I was given the opportunity to go back to a moment in [...]

The Core of True Confidence

My friend Tamara Packer Zander shared about her friend Raja.   They were at a retreat for top realtors. Abundance of food and drink were all about [...]

The Soothing Comfort of A Mother

  This hangs on the wall of my friend Christine Hosea Young’s home.   It’s beautiful, yes. It reminds you, if you didn’t remember, that Christine has [...]

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