You know one of my very favorite and possibly the most crucial thing I want from other's, in order to bring them into my circle or my [...]

When You Shouldn’t Engage

Anger. We've all felt it, and could ARGUE how we are justified to feel as we do. I was reminded by a trusted friend, that though these [...]

Opposites Attract!

I was asked a question privately about marriage and I thought  my answer was worth sharing publicly.   "What if you and your spouse are opposite in [...]

Partnership with LoverMan

  I took down Christmas and put up Valentines.   Yes it was s little much for my foot, but I did it. Why? Because I am [...]

Teamwork Does Make the Dream Work!

  I’ve gotten to do a lot of really cool things over the years.   I am a speaker; spoken to hundreds of audiences in 23 states, [...]

Proud of Ailsa!

She didn’t even know how to lead music last week.   Ailsa was asked to take on a new responsibility in our church along with another person, [...]

Let’s Get Social!

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