Meet Maddi

Meet my friend, Maddi   Her smile is contagious, especially when you realize what a warrior with Cystic Fibrosis this young lady is!   The last couple [...]

New Connections at The Booth!

Got to hold a sugar glider with all the cute littleness today. A lady carried her two pets in a speciality scarf around her neck.   So [...]

Respect Your Boundaries

Anyone who tells you that they are always in a state of bliss is high or mentally unstable. We all have hard days, hard poopy times, times [...]

Mom Boss, That’s Me!

I consider myself an empowered woman.   Some call me a girl boss.   I've been thinking about what it really means.   One being called a [...]

The Healing Has Begun!

The fun has begun!   Or I should say the healing!   My right foot has been bothering me so I made an appointment with a podiatrist [...]

Let’s Get Social!

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