Lifes Greatest Gifts

I keep being told the grey makes me look older. I’m 47. My response? “I am older” I’m proud to be aging, it is a privilege not [...]

I’m trying to be like Jesus

On Sunday, I felt the desire to write and share, and then.. as I thought about how to say it, I started thinking about all the people [...]

Bragging on Nathaniel today!

My son had his first acting gig at the end of September! I’m proud of him doing something different, and it’s not totally pleasant wearing three layers [...]

What are you grateful for?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Even with all of the poopy-ness that has affected 2020, we can all have gratitude for the blessings we have. [...]

What if…

Ailsa when she was little. Then I’d thought would be a total girly girl. Note the self chosen accessories. Now, I’m proud of her independence of thought, [...]

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