Inner Beauty

A Little Goes a Long Way

Leta Greene’s philosophy on beauty is “a little goes a long way.”

It’s true with skincare and its true with life!  We think we have to make massive sweeping changes when in reality we need a direction and the tools to go the way we want.

Instead of projecting an image of “perfection” becoming the person that likes you and how you show up in life is through what you are working on becoming.


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If there’s one thing I know, it’s the importance of image in attracting what women want in life! Leta Greene has managed to tap into the secrets behind the kind of self-image women are striving for. Now she shares those realizations in fifteen powerful steps that will help transform you and guide you through your own myths to the breakthroughs you haven’t imagined possible. Forget what you’ve heard about beauty before now because you’ll walk away from the witty book with the know-how to re-create yourself in ways that will make you the hottest ticket in town.

Joni Rogers-Kante

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