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A flannel-clad member of the setup crew for her dad’s mobile-home-moving company, Leta Greene was raised in what she calls two extremes: truck stops and Provo, Utah.  Not exactly spots that belched up beauty tips. So, how did a shy tomboy with her share of scars become a confident beauty expert? Here’s a clue: it didn’t involve a traditional makeover or even much makeup!  She discovered the secret to lasting beauty—and it worked despite all the scars and truck stops.  Now she works tirelessly to share that secret, both as the founder of Glamour Connection®, a makeup, and image consulting company started in 2001, and as one of the most influential women of SeneGence International.   She’s in demand at SeneGence, speaking regularly at company events as a trainer, motivator, and sales strategist.

Confidence Coach

Creator of Hotness

Leta Greene

Fluent in Sign language, Leta communicates with more than just words, so be prepared to be enlightened, motivated, entertained and overcome: most don’t leave a speech without both crying and laughing.



Leta is passionate about educating kids about topics that they face in today’s world. She creates an immediate rapport to help them build their confidence and understanding of healthy relationships.



Leta Greene was a confidence and joyful living speaker and workshop leader before she shared that she had been molested for most of her childhood. She shared because it was more than about timing to share her story but to share very poignantly that events no matter how horrid can be overcome and be sources of strength to enhance your life.

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Digging such an awesome time with my daughter, Bree. We got totally spoiled by the amazingly talented (and never-forget-awesomely-riotous) famous makeup artist Leta Greene! I haven’t laughed this much in AGES! Plus, BONUS: she made all of us look like stunningly beautiful goddesses with her famous “hotness.” Gotta love this woman! Guaranteed riot. Guaranteed glam. Would love to take her on my cross-country speaking tour!

M. Bridget

Leta’s Characters

Just like a wildfire, flashy and burning out of control, when we live large with no awareness of others, we not only burn others, we burn ourselves out, feeling empty and alone.  A campfire, because it is in control and contained, is ironically hotter.  True HOTNESS lights the spark in others and draws others close to feel the warmth and safety of gathering around true HOTNESS.  Accordingly, when you are in touch with your true HOTNESS™, you tap into your unique ability to influence and impact others.

Truth Coach
Motivational Speaker
Perspective Coach

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